You have always dreamed of the beautiful smile and avoided pictures?

Now you can check how good you can look!

Download FIXSMILE for FREE, take a picture and choose the smile that suits you well.

How does it work?

1. Add a photo

Take a picture or choose the one in which you have your face straight to the camera and smile.

2. Characteristic points

The application itself will detect the characteristic points at the corners of your mouth.

3. Editing of points

You have the option of self-editing of the points at the corners of your mouth which enables you to choose the best new simile.

4. Selection of the smile

The application will display your photo with one of many available smiles.

5. Changing the smile

Choose the best smile for you from the list available.

6. Save your photo

Check how your smile looks like BEFORE and AFTER. Save or share the photo and show your dentist and your friends how will you look with the new smile.

Application functionalities

FIXSMILE is a mobile application for smile editing created for anyone who is wishing to check how good one can look with beautiful and healthy teeth. It is also a helpful tool for dental surgeries and clinics that are willing to quickly and easily show to patients what effects the treatment can achieve. Now anyone can check how much difference in appearance and well-being gives the attractive smile!

Face recognition

The use of facial recognition technology to determine the characteristic points on the face, such as the corners of the mouth.

Collection of similes

The operation of the application is based on a photo database created by the experienced dentist.

Helpful tool

FIXSMILE will quickly help you to make the decision about this small, huge change in your life by healing your smile.


Download Fixsmile application!

Download Fixsmile
Download Fixsmile

Before - After

The effect of using Fixsmile application.Move the cursor to see the picture "before" and "after".

Show the dentist the smile from your dreams!

Visualization of the perfect smile without leaving your home

You can choose the right type of smile

Effect in 5 seconds

A visit to the dentist

Reviews of beta testers

Joanna Madej

What a great application! I showed it to all my friends. The beautiful smile is the key!

Andrzej Kapist

FIXSMILE app helps me and my patients to choose and visualize the effect of beautiful teeth that I want to achieve.

Izabela Tkaczyk

Thanks to FIXSMILE I understood that I can be confident again. I've already showed to my dentist how I would like to look.

Agnieszka Kulig

I never thought that I could look that good! Now I can’t wait for the real effect.

Krzysztof Rozbicki

All of patients who I got familiarized whit FIXSMILE decided to have the treatment. It's amazing!

Justyna Wolan

After using FIXSMILE I immediately registered for a dental consultation.


Download Fixsmile application!

Download Fixsmile
Download Fixsmile

Any questions?

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